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Learn how to repurpose your space with tips from Connie and fellow learners on simple ways to create impactful changes!

 Prior to the pandemic, Connie had just ended a 21-year second marriage.  She moved into a small apartment on the other side of Chicago - on her own. It was her first time living alone.

“I wasn’t accustomed to living alone. I went from living with my parents to being married. Someone was always there even if it was my children. I’d never lived alone until now.”

The shift wasn’t easy. However, before long Connie was using this time to pursue her passions like art and writing. As a natural storyteller, she was excited to have the time to work on her memoir. She had put these passions to the side when she was raising her children.

“To be happy you have to learn to live with yourself with no one else around and I had accomplished that. Everything was great.”

Then the pandemic hit. Suddenly, the apartment felt smaller. Connie found herself walking in circles. She couldn’t connect with family. There was lots of fear all around.

Connie reached out to a therapist for support and started doing therapy online. Through therapy, she learned methods and processes to help her adapt.

“The first thing I had to overcome was that I had no control over the pandemic or what was outside my apartment. However, I could control here [her apartment].” 

So slowly she started to create a schedule and self-care spaces.

She established spaces for journaling.

She invested in bath salts and candles.

She carved out pieces of paradise within the space she had by making tiny adjustments.

To help her sleep she found a 6-hour meditation from Norway on Insight Timer a free sleep meditation app. Sleep was a pleasure again.

“Creating safe spaces is all about controlling what is in my control. I recaptured all those wonderful things I used to do - not just before the pandemic - but also before I had children or got married. I listened to the music I used to listen to like ‘Moonlight Sonata’ by Beethoven. That piece always grounded me when I was an undergraduate student and stressed out.”
May 17, 2022

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