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Celebrate Caregivers month with GetSetUp and to ensure that caregivers get the appreciation and support they deserve!

National Family Caregivers Month (NFCM) is celebrated every November in the US. This is a time to recognize and honor family caregivers across the country. During November not only are we grateful for caregivers but we help to educate communities, support caregivers, and raise awareness of issues. Caregiver Action Network (CAN) is a nonprofit that provides free education, peer support, and resources to family caregivers leading the way.

At GetSetUp we have lots of amazing learners who are caregivers and we celebrate them with a special Caring for Caregivers series. This series is full of wonderful sessions dedicated to self-care from yoga classes to making playlists. These classes are designed to help you stay stress-free. Plus join discussion groups to get tips and tricks from others dealing with similar caregiving issues.

You no longer need to be a solo caregiver - enjoy caregiving assistance

Caregiver hugging her mother.

Caregiving may seem at times like a lonely job. Sometimes it feels thankless. Yet, there are more and more resources becoming available to help support caregivers. An AARP study found that 44% of older adults view tech more positively as a way to stay connected than they did before Covid. Technology is starting to become a tool to help aging adults age in place. It can also help assist caregivers. Caregivers can lean on technology to stay connected to loved ones or help monitor them. Plus, technology can offer loved ones virtual companionship options. Virtual communities online are a great option for aging parents. Plus, there are many resources to find support with caregiving tasks.

This month GetSetUp launched a special partnership with Older adults and caregivers can learn how to navigate the platform to find the support and help they need to ease some of the challenges that caregivers face. This includes assistance in meal preparation, transportation, cleaning, and more.

According to a 2021 Senior Care Outlook Survey, while aging in place remains a senior’s preferred method for aging, the prolonged pandemic has increased seniors' desire to have more help at home.

To help older adults age in place, GetSetUp offers live interactive classes on the largest social learning platform customized for older adults. GetSetUp makes it easy for older adults to get into classes, learn new skills, share their talents, and truly enjoy their time with peers. GetSetUp teaches skills that help older adults age in place. Classes include how to use smart tech to make one's homes safer and how to use social media and apps to connect. There are also many classes on health and wellness, fitness, brain health, and fun topics of interest. These classes offer a form of virtual comradery and companionship to those who may be lacking this all the time. Plus through the site learners can learn how to find and pay for the additional care they need in the Introduction to class.

The first launch of the Introduction to class was a huge success, with almost 400 learners joining live to learn about options for themselves or their loved ones.

Clearly care and how to get care are on many older adults’ and caregivers’ minds. Just because you missed the first class doesn’t mean you have to miss the next one. Sign up for the next class and join in December to learn more about Senior Care Options with 

GetSetUp provides the tools older adults need to live healthier happier lives. So this Caregivers Month, give caregivers and those being cared for the gift of learning how to get support in the areas they need it most!

May 22, 2022

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