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Understand how to become an artist after 50 with Guest Speaker Ann Morton. Learn how she created The Violet Protest and how to create a national collaborative art project.

Ann Morton, a Phoenix-based artist, has mobilized more than 2,200 people for her art project - The Violet Protest.

The Violet Protest is a nationwide public engagement project that employs hand-made textiles to protest against political divisiveness. Think of it as a creative call for national unity. The protest in art seeks to focus on fundamental values like respect for others, citizenship, compromise, and courage. The color violet symbolizes the literal combination of red and blue, familiar symbols of the United States’ differing ideologies.

Thousands of makers and creators from all 50 US states, DC, and Canada have contributed 8 x 8-inch squares using a variety of textile processes. The squares are each unique, but each one uses equal parts red and blue to create their messages supporting the core values of the Violet Protest.

The protest supports the value of “country over party and corporate influence,” creates compassion, and spurs creativity.

“I’ve been increasingly concerned about the political division that seems to be preventing our Congress from actually governing. I’ve done many social engagement projects in that past, which lead me to create the Violet Protest.”

The project aims to send bundles of these individual squares to all 535 members of Congress in late 2021 or early 2022. This unique demonstration aims to voice hope and support for cooperation between lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

May 20, 2022

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