Key Takeaways:

Learn how devices, internet access, and technological education are helping older adults to fight social isolation through connection and improved quality of life in this case study.

What is GetSetUp?

The largest online virtual learning community customized for older adults. All classes are taught by older adults in small groups to ensure everyone can actively participate. We help older adults stay mentally and physically fit. We create economic opportunities through jobs and re-skilling or upskilling on technology skills. We create a community where people find meaning and purpose by helping each other and forming new connections.

What is GetSetUp

The challenge

SoFIA serves 1,200+ square miles with more than 437,800 people age 60 and older (30% of which are Hispanic) with 25% of them aging alone.

  • Combating Social Isolation
  • Connected All The Time
  • A Broader World
  • Mental Well-being
  • Physical well-being
  • Distance, Access & Diversity
  • County 1,200+ square miles
  • More than 437,800 people age 60 and older live in Broward County and 25% live alone
  • 30% Hispanic population
  • Creating Equity in Aging
  • Overcoming fear of technology
  • Getting devices with internet to older adults
  • 2 areas - availability of resources vs knowledge and skill
  • Not only supply & demand but creating a quality experience to maximize potential usage

Key questions

1. How do local areas combat social isolation by creating connections and a broader community to help foster mental and physical well-being in older adults as they age?

2. How can aging services provide equity across large distances for diverse communities with varying levels of access to connectivity?

3. How do aging services create equity in aging by overcoming a fear of technology and bridging the gap in access to devices and the internet for older adults?

The solution

Partner with city government and community-based organizations to provide space and virtual access to older adults. Teach initial skills and then allow GetSetUp to provide a safe live virtual community for older adults to learn more and practice their technology skills with peers.


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May 19, 2022

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