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“I’ve learned a lot and I think it’s very good to learn new things. I was a teacher myself and I like learning. Attending these classes is the next best thing to being live and in-person.”

Madge first heard about GetSetUp thanks to an article in the Jacksonville Florida newspaper about a month ago. Since her family has been in the news industry for a long time, she makes keeping up with local news a regular part of her day. The article she read promoted ElderSource’s partnership with GetSetUp to offer seniors like Madge virtual online classes.

Madge started GetSetUp with classes on technology. She had just gotten a new laptop so her first class was Apple Mac Computer Basics.

Then she went on to explore exercise classes like Yin Yoga to Revitalize and Relax. Before COVID-19, she used to take lots of exercise classes at her senior recreation center. But since those stopped she had DVDs and a few online exercise classes.

“I didn’t like the other classes I took online as much as they weren’t as interactive. I guess you could talk, but no one ever did.”

Madge is really enjoying all of Stacy’s morning exercise classes, especially the Morning Fitness - Core Training and Morning Fitness - Strength Training.

“I participated in similar classes at another place, but these I’m finally getting into. What attracted me to these classes was that there were other people in them. I have plenty of DVDs, but it’s nice to exercise with others.  I’d definitely rather do live classes than use my DVDs so I can ask questions and participate.”

Madge enjoys the convenience of registering ahead of time and being able to plan. However, she’s also taken advantage of getting in classes last minute when there is space left.

“These classes are good because it gives you a reason to get up and get going. Plus the guides are very good and intelligent. I haven’t seen any of them that aren’t excellent professionals.”

GetSetUp is helping Madge learn new tools on devices she already owns

In addition to regular exercise classes to stay healthy, Madge is also improving her technology skills. She takes classes to improve her knowledge of her Mac and iPhone. Plus she’s enhancing her app skills with classes on Zoom and Gmail.

“There are a lot of classes I want to take. There are just so many that I haven’t had a chance to get to them all yet. Though the skills I’ve learned from the tech classes are very helpful.”

Like many people, Madge used to turn to her children or grandchildren if she needed help with technology. Now she’s learning how to use these tools on her own. She is also exposed to new tools on the same devices she has that she didn’t know were there before. Her family, her former go-to teachers,  know she’s taking these classes. Now, when her grandson comes over he’s always asking her if she’s learned anything new.

“I’ve learned a lot and I think it’s very good to learn new things. I was a teacher myself and I like learning. Attending these classes is the next best thing to being live and in-person.”

Madge used to teach business to middle and high schoolers back before there were computers. As computers started to become more prevalent, she remembers that the kids weren’t afraid to use them. Even though they didn’t know what they were doing half the time - they would just try. Now Madge too is taking a lesson from her former students and just trying!

“I think GetSetUp is a great service. You can see that these classes mean a lot to a lot of people. I remember one lady said she takes four classes a day.”

Madge remains excited to be experiencing so many different classes. There are still so many classes she plans to take like Spanish and other technology classes. Now she just has to find the time in her schedule to fit them all in.

“This program is a wonder and a blessing. GetSetUp should be really proud.”

Madge sees GetSetUp really helping people with depression or who are isolated. Plus it’s a great resource to just learn for those who love learning.

Why not join a GetSetUp class and see what new skills you can learn as well?

May 18, 2022
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