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The Lounge is GetSetUp’s custom video space to watch and interact with classes without having to download Zoom. While our first iteration of the Lounge has had great feedback and has given Learners an easy way to join classes, our Learners also had some really useful requests for how to make it better. We’re excited to share the enhancements we’ve made based on this feedback.

Learners asked for a bigger viewing area – you’ve got it!

Learners wanted a cleaner iPad experience – it’s here!

Learners shared that the Lounge could be confusing – it’s now easier to view other Learners in the class and book your next class!

The improved Lounge has all the same functions, but it’s now bigger, cleaner, and easier. We hope you enjoy the new Lounge in your next class!

The Enhanced Lounge

A bigger viewing area. 

When watching on a laptop, desktop or large tablet, the Lounge now allows Learners to enjoy a class that fills the screen. An edge-to-edge layout means easier viewing and much less to distract the eye on-screen during a class.

A cleaner look. 

All the information you need is now in one side panel, and with the ability to minimize it during a class, it doesn’t interfere as much with the class experience.

How to minimize the information panel.
How to minimize the side panel
Important functions remain the same.

Join Zoom.

Everyone is still welcome to join the class on Zoom - click the orange ‘Join Zoom’ button:

Check Who Is In Class.

Click the small photos of people to see who is in the class:

Chat with others.

Chat with other participants and ask your Guide questions:

Recommended Classes.

Click "Explore" to view and book recommended classes:

What’s the difference between The Lounge and Zoom?

The main difference between the Lounge and Zoom is that attending a class through Zoom allows you to interact directly and immediately with the Guide. In the Zoom session, the Guide is able to see participants (if their camera is on) and respond directly to questions asked verbally and in the Zoom chat. Attending in the Lounge allows you to participate without having to download Zoom. The Guide will not be able to see or hear you, but you can ask questions in the Lounge chat.

Whether or not you join a class by Zoom, the Lounge is open to Learners before the class begins and is an excellent way to meet your fellow Learners or catch up with friends, before the class formally starts.

Questions and feedback

If you have questions about the new Lounge, see our FAQs.

Look on our class schedule to find our Virtual Help Desk to get your questions answered.

If you have any questions about the Lounge or feedback, please feel free to get in touch through

We hope you enjoy the new bigger, cleaner Lounge!

May 27, 2022
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