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Anita found her sunshine with GetSetUp classes. She’s meeting new people, learning new things, and she’s even participated in a fashion show.

Anita S.

Anita is a 52-year-old living in Pune. She has a master's in social service and until 2020 worked at an NGO as an assistant manager. She left the job to do what she’d always wanted to do - live for herself.

Tell us a little about your life after leaving your job.

I wanted to go to Canada to stay with my son. Because of the pandemic, I had to cancel my  plans. 2020 was challenging because I was used to coming home at 10 or 11 pm and rarely stayed at home. I was used to going to Mumbai twice a week. And suddenly I was at home. I helped my company with some online events, and that helped me. 

After that ended, I started taking yoga classes on GetSetUp and am currently taking them in the evening. 

What have you been able to accomplish with GetSetUp classes?

The GetSetUp platform keeps you going and motivated. It teaches you new things. It takes away your loneliness. I have made so many new friends at the age of 50! I haven't met anyone in real life, but I see them every day in classes on screen. We talk, share, and I’d like to meet some of them. 

I participated in the fashion show. It was a fantastic experience - practicing, coordinating, walking in your own home as if it's a runway - it was just awesome! I have never done something like this.

So basically, it keeps me busy and gives me more energy - just like a companion.  I meet new people and get to learn new things! Psychologically I’ve learned from Dr. Divya Pervez's class is really nice!  

Which is your favorite class and why? 

Bhavani’s class. She gives doable and reachable solutions. You can see the results immediately.

What advice do you have for younger generations?

I don't have any advice. I believe the younger generation has the coolest attitude. I really like the let-go-and-let-live attitude of young people. I'm a very good friend of my son and his friends. I know more than their parents! I like the attitude of changing jobs easily. They don't hold onto things.

Life mantra which keeps you going?

Live and let others live. You be happy, and then you will make others happy. Love yourself and remain happy always. I stopped coloring my hair at the age of 45. So keep experimenting! 

May 16, 2022
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