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GetSetup signed AARP’s employer pledge recognizing the value of experienced workers and committing to an age-diverse workforce.

Recommits to Hiring Across an Age Diverse Workforce

SAN FRANCISCO, June 9, 2020, /PRNewswire/ — GetSetUp signed AARP’s employer pledge recognizing the value of experienced workers and committing to an age-diverse workforce. The AARP Employer Pledge Program encompasses a nationwide group of employers who know that the multigenerational workforce yields a strong pipeline of talent, protects business continuity, and taps into new resources to address labor shortages.

Given employers’ need for talent, it makes great business sense to hire experienced workers, as demonstrated by AARP research.

The GetSetUp team is all over the world but meets virtually to discuss best practices and continual growth and improvement.

Co-Founder Lawrence Kosick said “Garnishing the wisdom of our aging generation is how we empower not just our company but Americans in general. Those over 50 have a wealth of knowledge and talent, plus they will be 25% of the U.S. population in the next 20 years. GetSetUp provides economic opportunities for our Guides to do meaningful work and give back to their peer community through classes that help learners feel more connected, empowered, and engaged.”

Along with this pledge, GetSetUp is announcing the launch of the GetSetUp Marketplace where workers over the age of 50 with a strong passion for teaching any skill can apply, and we will provide them with the training to become great online Guides. They will have the opportunity to showcase their classes to over 20,000 members on a monthly basis and this gives them an extra opportunity to join the passion economy.

AARP Vice President for Financial Resilience Susan Weinstock said “We’re thrilled that GetSetUp has signed AARP’s employer pledge. We know that employees and employers succeed when they remain committed in words and in action to hiring and maintaining an age-diverse workforce.”

AARP’s employer pledge reads “We believe in equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of age, and that 50+ workers should have a level playing field in their ability to compete for and obtain jobs. Recognizing the value of experienced workers, we pledge to recruit across diverse age groups and to consider all applicants on an equal basis as we hire for positions within our organization.” That’s why GetSetUp creates economic opportunities for those over 50, which you can read more about on their blog.

AARP’s Job Board and other employer resources connect 50+ job seekers with employers like GetSetUp and hundreds of other employers who recognize the value of experience.

May 16, 2022
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