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Many workers over 50 are searching for jobs but perhaps it is time to consider creating your own business. Capitalized on your Zoom skills! Here are 5 ways you can make money and use your Zoom skills!

Many people who never knew what Zoom was prior to the pandemic are now on it almost daily. Others have taken a class to be able to connect with friends and family or attend events that went virtual like religious meetings, book clubs, and exercise classes. (If you haven’t and you want to learn more about Zoom sign up for GetSetup’s FREE Zoom class!)

Many workers over 50 are searching for jobs but perhaps it is time to consider creating your own business. Isn’t it time you capitalized on your Zoom skills? We have come up with a few great ideas on how to implement a new side business into your life. While the options are endless here are 5 ways you can make money and use your Zoom skills!

5 Ways to earn money on Zoom

  1. Tutor Online — Whether you are doing this to volunteer or to make extra income this is a great way to use Zoom. Students and professionals around the world are looking for tutors on language classes, bookkeeping, math, or science. You can create your own site and advertise through social media if you already have a network or post on tutoring platforms such as Wyzant, Superprof, Tutormatching Service, or your local Nextdoor page.
  2. Lead an Exercise Program — Are you an athlete stuck at home? Why not help your fellow sports enthusiasts with online aerobics or yoga classes. You can host these through Zoom. A great way to advertise is through social media, or local organizations or companies to start to get the word out. Share with friends and family to pass on. Plus consider customizing your classes for specific markets like Yoga for Parents while Babies are Napping, or Yoga Stretches to Keep Limber.
  3. Consult — If you have a skill that you can share in consulting, consider doing that on Zoom. That could be working to share your business know-how to help a budding new small business get set up or voice-over work that requires some client meetings to get the project off the ground or regular work via Zoom. Places like UpWork and Fivrr allow freelancers to post their skills and rates so interested clients from around the world can find the perfect professional match.
  4. Teach a Skill — There are lots of skills that don’t fall into tutoring exactly, but people are searching for someone with the knowledge to teach them. Consider teaching how to knit or sew online, or basic fix it classes, which can have a series of classes. On the other hand, one-off classes like providing quick, easy to make, nutritional recipes for a parent with limited time on their hands can be a fun event with less time commitment. You can do this independently by marketing through your website and social media or by registering on platforms where freelance teachers promote their services like NextDoor or Wyzant.
  5. Create a Webinar — Are you an expert in your field? Maybe you already have a course designed that can help people or want to put one together. Perhaps a course on applying to university as an international student or financial budgeting tips and tricks. Creating webinars that you host can be another great way to monetize your Zoom.

There is a good chance there is someone out there looking for your skills and you can help them while making a bit of side income. While there are some sites for posting your Zoom offerings, social media helps to get the word out about your services. It is a great idea to consider creating a website, marketing yourself on Linkedin, and learning how to use social media like Instagram and Facebook to help you market your budding business.

And if you need help in the process and learning more about how to get apps and technology to work for you, GetSetUp has a class to help with an expert Guide to assure you have the tools you need to succeed.

Jun 17, 2022

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