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ooking for movie recommendations? Try these movies this weekend!

Here are 5 must-see movies for older adults that are available on various streaming platforms.

1. Driving Miss Daisy

A widow’s son seeks to maintain her independence as much as possible, but after a car accident he has no choice but hire someone to chauffeur his mother around. This is a story of friendship developing over the years. The movie is available on Amazon.

2. Julie and Julia

Meryl Streep and Amy Adams star in a film where they cook their way through Julia Child's 524-recipe cook book. A sweet, creative flick sure to leave you hungry‚ÄĒavailable on Netflix!

3. I’ll See You in My Dreams

With a 93 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Longtime Widow is perfect choice for any Amazon Prime subscriber who loves a good drama/comedy.

Longtime widow Blythe Danner begins a new chapter and realizes it’s never too late to begin or continue loving life.

4. Saving Mr. Banks

Telling the story of how Walt Disney created Mary Poppins through his own eyes, Saving Mr. Banks is an inspiring movie starring Tom Hanks. Available on Disney+.

5. The Last Laugh

Chevy Chase and Richard Dreyfuss star in a comedy where an old talent manager convinces his childhood friend‚ÄĒa retired comedian‚ÄĒto get back on the stage. The film is guaranteed to make you laugh and can be seen on Netflix.

If you're looking for a movie to entertain, educate and maybe even inspire you, check out one or two of these films.

Just don't be surprised if you catch yourself laughing or shedding a few tears along the way.

Sep 17, 2022
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