Key Takeaways:

  • Savannah, New Orleans, Gettysburg, Salem, and San Francisco are some of the most haunted cities in the US with a rich history and culture.
  • Visitors can experience haunted hotels, restaurants, and other locations in these cities with reported ghost sightings and encounters.
  • These cities offer a unique blend of spooky fun and historical exploration, making them perfect for those seeking a vacation filled with both.

f you're looking for a vacation filled with history and culture, but also a little bit of spooky fun, these are some of the most haunted cities in the United States.

1. Savannah, Georgia

The city of Savannah, Georgia, is often considered to be one of the most haunted cities in America. Its historic homes and inns are rumored to house spirits from former residents and visitors alike.

For those who want a truly spooky Savannah experience, they can stay at an allegedly haunted hotel and eat at restaurants that are still frequented by spirits.

  • Moon River Brewing Company is widely considered the most haunted place in town and has been featured on both Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. Witnesses have reported seeing a woman dressed in white at the top of its stairs, while spirits are known to pick on members of staff.
  • The Pirates' House, a well-known restaurant today, was once used as a boarding house for sailors. Some men were kidnapped and forced onto ships from its basement; some say their spirits haunt the place now.
  • Finally, the Marshall House is one of the most haunted hotels in America, thanks to its history as a hospital during the Civil War and yellow fever epidemics. Guests have reported seeing apparitions in hallways and hearing ghost children running down them at night—a chilling experience!

2. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans is known to be one of the most haunted cities in the U.S., and with a history that spans back over 300 years, it's no surprise!

Founded by the French in 1718, New Orleans is known for its cuisine and jazz music—but if you're spending time wandering around this historic city, you may also encounter some ghosts. Voodoo practitioners have been practicing their traditions here since before Louisiana was even part of the United States (it joined as part of the Louisiana Purchase). These practitioners brought with them many spiritual beliefs that help explain why so many ghosts are said to haunt this area.

New Orleans is home to a number of ghosts and spirits—and just walking around from place to place will likely lead you past one or two! The most famous ghost story revolves around an old plantation house called Myrtles Plantation; visitors claim they've seen everything from black cats perched on windowsills to disembodied voices whispering in empty rooms at night. This house has been featured on multiple TV shows about haunted locations throughout if you'd like a taste for yourself without traveling far from where you live: give Myrtles Plantation a try!

3. Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania is one of the most haunted cities in the U.S. Gettysburg is also well known for being one of the most historic and important battles fought during America's Civil War. This small town has so much history that it was designated a national battlefield park by Congress in 1895, with more than 50,000 soldiers killed or wounded over three days during battle between Union and Confederate forces on July 1-3, 1863.

The abundance of ghost stories around Gettysburg began with an account by Reverend Moncure D. Conway who wrote about being awakened at night by strange noises when traveling through town in 1871: "It was as if all these phantasms had been let loose at once." His fears were soon confirmed when he saw "a pale light shining upon me from a window opposite...when I looked up I saw no such thing; but now there seemed to be something like a large luminous vapour hovering over my chamber..."

This creepy tale was just the beginning! Since then there have been reported sightings of spirits throughout Gettysburg ranging from apparitions on battlefields to sounds of artillery fire coming from across town...

4. Salem, Massachusetts

Salem is one of the most haunted cities in America. In fact, it’s home to the most notorious witch trials in history. These trials resulted in the execution of 19 people from 1692 to 1693 and caused several others to be imprisoned for life or forced into exile. If you visit Salem today, there are many places where you can see evidence of these tragic events through ghost tours and museums. The majority of these hauntings have occurred at one particular location: The Witch House Museum on Witch Trials Memorial Square (also known as Proctor’s Ledge).

5. San Francisco, California

With its scenic bay views, bustling streets and steep hills that make it hard to get anywhere quickly, San Francisco is a popular tourist destination. It’s also known as the “City by the Bay” and is often called the birthplace of California's Gold Rush. But there's more going on in this city than just sightseeing. San Francisco has a history filled with hauntings—and many people who call themselves ghost hunters visit this area to try and make contact with spirits.

San Francisco has been named one of America's most haunted cities by various organizations, including Travel + Leisure magazine and Forbes Travel Guide (which added it to its list of 15 Most Haunted Cities in America). You can find places like Alcatraz Island or Coit Tower at night that are full of ghosts from yesterday—and possibly even some from today!

The beauty of these cities comes with a spooky side.

From ghosts who haunt historic buildings to the spirits of those who died during their time in these cities, there's no shortage of creepy places to visit. If you want to experience some haunted history for yourself then we've got the perfect trip planned out for you!

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