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utumn can be a beautiful time of year, with its crisp air and blue skies.

But for aging adults, it often can mean fewer opportunities to see friends or family. While many families settle into routines during the fall and winter months, it's still possible for the aging adults in your life to stay active and involved.

Here are 5 activities to keep older adults engaged and active during the fall season:

1. Paint pumpkins.

Painting pumpkins with friends and family is an easy activity for older adults to enjoy.

All you need are some paintbrushes, paint, some paper towels or newspapers to work on and of course, pumpkins! You can use stencils to create unique designs, or you can freestyle and make your design up as you go.

Pumpkins are a great medium for painting because they're so sturdy. You can use almost any type of paint on them, but acrylic paints work best because they stay wet longer than oil-based. Learn more about how to paint a pumpkin and what paints are best to use on your pumpkins.

2. Plant bulbs in your garden for spring.

Autumn is a great time to plant bulbs in your garden. Bulbs are dormant during the winter and will bloom in the spring when they start to grow again. This is a fun activity that can be done with family and friends, making it great for family bonding. Take some time to enjoy the beautiful fall weather while you create memories with loved ones!

3. Drive in the country.

There's something about driving along a country road, especially in autumn, that's just magical. Your aging loved ones will be able to enjoy all of the beautiful scenery around them and feel like they're getting away from it all. It's a great way for them to spend some time with you, too!

4. Attend or watch a football game together.

If the aging adult in your life has been athletic in the past and wants to continue being active as he or she ages—or if they simply enjoy being around others who are passionate about sports—watching professional games together could be perfect! The crowds are energizing and exciting, so they’re sure to create an atmosphere that’s fun and exciting for everyone involved!

5. Go for a hike to see the fall foliage.

Hiking is a great way to get outside and enjoy the fall foliage. It’s also fantastic exercise. The National Park Service states that hiking offers health benefits including “strengthening bones, muscles, heart, lungs, and circulation; burning calories; increasing flexibility; reducing stress and improving self-esteem.”

The best part about hiking? You can do it with friends or family members! Your aging loved one will be able to stay active while spending time with people they care about most—all within nature’s beautiful colors & sights!

These activities are a great way to spend time together with loved ones and help older adults feel happier and more engaged.

The best thing you can do for them is take the time to get involved in what they enjoy. If the older adult in your life has mobility issues or other health problems, some of these activities might not be possible but there are always alternatives that work well too!

Looking for more ways to add some fun to your Fall? Here are some more ideas:

Oct 3, 2022