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2021 is the year to learn! To encourage the GetSetUp community to start the year off with a boost of learning, we launched the Learning Challenge 2021 as part of our #NewYearNewMe campaign.

To complete the challenge learners had to take 10 classes in the month of January. All learners were eligible and any 10 GetSetUp classes counted toward the challenge.

This was also a chance for GetSetUp to give back to our community. For each person who completed the challenge in January, GetSetUp would donate $10 to the Boys & Girls Club of America, an organization that helps youth reach their full potential.

Learning Challenge Results

Rising to the challenge were 297 learners who completed 10 classes or more. Many learners went well past 10 classes, and in total over 5,500 classes were completed as part of the challenge!

That’s a lot of learning! And, that means almost $3,000 dollars were raised for the Boys & Girls Club of America.

We will be sending a special certificate to everyone who completed the learning challenge!

Top Classes in January

Our learner community has many different skills and hobbies they want to learn. The top five classes represented just a quarter of all classes taken.

Popular New Classes in January

Learners also sought out brand new classes on GetSetUp. The most popular new classes included:

Learners Who Completed the January Challenge!

We had a number of learners who went above and beyond to jump start their learning for 2021. They each completed over 50 classes, and our top three learners averaged more than 2 classes every day in January! Thanks for inspiring all of us.

The learning leaders were:

All of our amazing learners who completed this challenge deserve recognition. Thank you for helping us raise money for the Boys and Girls club and investing in your own learning!

You did it!

May 20, 2022
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