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Here are 20 great FREE ideas to show your teachers you appreciate them!

If you have ever learned something from someone that you would not have had access to or understood on your own, you can thank a teacher.

If you have a few minutes to work without someone asking you for food now as your child is glued to a screen time class, you can thank a teacher.

If it took isolation to realize how much teachers do, you should really thank a teacher!

Teacher appreciation week is the first week of May, and National Teachers’ Appreciation Day is May 5th.

Teachers were already superheroes in the classroom acting not only as instructors, but also judges, comedians, news reporters, and so much more. They play the essential role of educating and shaping both children and adults' lives to create future leaders and community members. Many children even see their teachers more than their parents. We entrust them with molding the future and this week make sure you show them your appreciation!

They need to see just how valued they are as they race to shift classroom classes online, and still continue to fulfill the many unwritten roles that teachers provide in our lives and those of our children.

Here are some great FREE ideas to show your teachers you appreciate them!

  1. A heartfelt thank you note
  2. A personal drawing
  3. A funny Tik Tok video you create to make them laugh
  4. A homemade artwork or craft
  5. A fun photograph from school or of remote school
  6. An IOU for classroom help
  7. A complimentary email to their supervisor praising them
  8. Volunteer to help with something, mow the lawn or wash the car
  9. Teach them a new skill
  10. Compose a poem or a song for them.

Not free but won’t break the bank.

  1. Mail them a thank you note via snail mail. Many sites let you do this without leaving your home like Touchnote.
  2. A gift card for app food delivery service or delivery groceries
  3. A gift certificate to their favorite restaurant
  4. A book
  5. Plants like a cactus, orchid, a kitchen herb garden, and others!
  6. A funny teacher t-shirt related to their subject area
  7. New headphones or tools for online classrooms
  8. A gift card to order movies online on Google or another site
  9. A gift card to an aerobics class.
  10. Delicious baked goods.

There are so many other great ideas if you know something that your teacher is passionate about, consider a game, or anything else related to that area. Plus remember it doesn’t matter what you do to show appreciation or how much you spend but that you show appreciation!

GetSetUp is showing appreciation with free remote learning classroom tools for senior teachers 50+ who may need extra support from peer teachers to learn digital classroom tools. Our whole team is made up of teachers and we know the importance of showing teachers we appreciate them. Plus we sure appreciate our teacher Guides! We could do nothing without them — literally nothing!

Remember teachers work hard year-round and always love to hear from you. Whether you are a current student or a past student it’s always a good time to reach out to teachers and remind them that you appreciate(d) what they do as a teacher.

Thank you, teachers, everywhere!

May 16, 2022

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