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Jun 25, 2024

June 2024 Campaigns: Enhance Your Well-being, Explore Your Creativity, and Participate in Your Community

June 2024 Campaigns: Enhance Your Well-being, Explore Your Creativity, and Participate in Your Community
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As summer begins, GetSetUp is excited to launch its June 2024 campaigns, each carefully designed to meet the diverse interests and needs of older adults. These campaigns are crafted to enhance day-to-day life and empower participants to make meaningful contributions to their communities.

Ageless Fitness: Strength & Endurance Building

Start a journey to a healthier self with the 'Strength & Endurance Building' series. This campaign is ideal for those looking to maintain their physical health through a combination of strength training and aerobic exercises. Tailored to encourage steady progress, these classes help participants build muscle, enhance stamina, and achieve new fitness levels.

Creativity for Wellness: Wellness Through Music

The 'Wellness Through Music' series taps into the significant impact that music has on our health and emotions. Whether you're learning to play an instrument, composing a melody, or simply enjoying your favorite tunes, this series offers a unique approach to wellness that improves mood and stimulates mental health.

FinanceWise: Pursuing Passions & Paychecks

For those interested in turning their hobbies or past professional experiences into profitable endeavors, 'Pursuing Passions & Paychecks' provides the guidance to do just that. This campaign guides participants through various income-generating activities, from navigating the gig economy to starting their own business, emphasizing skill development and economic self-reliance.

Civic Pathways: Make a Difference

The 'Make a Difference: Volunteer' series inspires action and engagement by connecting participants with volunteer opportunities that match their skills and interests. From mentoring the youth to participating in environmental clean-ups, this campaign fosters a sense of purpose and community impact.

Join us this June!

These dynamic campaigns are part of GetSetUp's ongoing mission to support older adults in leading more engaged and active lives. Each series is supported by expert guides who provide personalized attention, ensuring that every participant can thrive in their learning journey. Join us this June to explore these opportunities, enhance your skills, and enjoy the camaraderie of learning in a supportive community. Dive into a month of growth and empowerment with GetSetUp and see what new things you can discover!