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Digital Literacy

Connectivity for All: Closing the Digital Divide with Device Onboarding

GetSetUp’s device onboarding initiatives ensure older adults have the necessary tools to participate fully in the digital world, enhancing inclusivity and connectivity.
Learner Stories

Judith’s Journey: A Retired Teacher’s Voyage Through Learning and Creativity with GetSetUp

Judith, a retired Michigan teacher, discovered a second wind in her retirement through GetSetUp, embracing technology, creativity, and community.

Conquering Chronic Pain: Insights from Master Trainer David Frost

David Frost shares a holistic approach to managing chronic pain, combining his extensive expertise in fitness and personal experience to empower individuals with practical, drug-free strategies for a pain-free life.
Press Releases

GetSetUp Announces Strategic Collaboration with States to Enhance Digital Inclusion

Offering Comprehensive Solutions & Classes to Amplify the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's Digital Equity Capacity Grant Program
Learner Stories

Debbie's Discovery: Embracing New Skills and Connections in Retirement with GetSetUp

After retiring and moving closer to family in Washington State, Debbie found joy and growth in baking and technology through GetSetUp
Digital Literacy

Stay Safe Online: A Quick Scam Awareness Quiz for Older Adults

This quiz is a valuable tool for older adults seeking to improve their awareness and defense against fraud and scams!
Financial Planning

Top Easy-to-Use Budget Apps for Older Adults

Discover the top budget apps designed for older adults, focusing on user-friendly features that make managing finances straightforward and effective.

Are You Ready for Spring Gardening? Take the Quiz!

Take our spring gardening quiz designed to test and expand your gardening knowledge, perfect for getting your garden ready for the season.